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Here is what clients are saying about ActiveScreening Faith:
“I am new to using ActiveScreening Faith for our company and I must say that I have very satisfied with the quality of service. The professionalism and attention to detail received has been awesome and made transitioning into this new role easier. Keep up the great work!” Rita “Super kind & helpful. Clearly answered all my questions. Great platform, easy to use.” Claudia “I have called several times with questions and have received awesome customer service!!! Would recommend your reps to anyone!!!” -- Teresa

Oasis Christian Fellowship, Bend OR
I have been impressed with the level of personal attention and support given by Secure Search. They have taken ample time to help me with questions and have responded rapidly to questions, researching pertinent information and conveying it to me in practical, easy to understand terms. -- Tom Bonn

The program is extremely user friendly, gives us a thorough and secure background check, and results are instant.  This program meets the needs of our growing staff and volunteer base in every way.  We feel confidant that our church is more secure because of this program, and we would recommend it to anyone interested in protecting their ministries.  We are so glad to be taking the necessary steps to protect the people we serve, and to be doing it with Steve and his staff.  We feel like our church is in good hands, and we look forward to a continued partnership.  Thanks for everything Steve! -- Julie Pelletier, Associate Director of Operations

Chicago Northwest Suburban Chinese Christian Church, Vernon Hills IL
Thank you for your excellent service in doing the checks we needed for our church's search. You were prompt to reply to my questions and your answers were just what I needed. The search results came quickly, which I also appreciate. I'd be happy to act as a reference for any other future customers should you want it. Thank you again. --Rob Brendel

Since I process between 750-800 background checks every year, I really appreciate Secure Search�s user friendly system for entering data and their quick turnaround time for results.  Also, their pricing has saved New Life a considerable amount when compared to other companies offering the same product. Last but not least, I am very grateful that their invoice reflects subtotals for each of our departments � a real time saver for me!

I thoroughly recommend Secure Search for your screening needs. You will be well taken care of and your organization will be safer as the result. �- Pam VanDenBerg, Human Resources Assistant

Additional References

Focus on the Family
Colorado Springs, CO
Jacki Kintz � Dir. Of Human Resources

Coalition for Christian Outreach
Philadelphia, PA
Rosie Waggoner � HR

Downey First Christian
Downey, CA
Kim Rozek or Mike Ferrulli

Grace Community Church Childrens Ministry
Tempe, AZ
Jo Keeley

Woodmen Valley Chapel
Colorado Springs, CO
Lynn Gross

Legacy Church
Albuquerque, NM
Tasha Gorman

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